Remember what did not happen


plexiglas, textiles, stone, acrylic paint, ground, printing on oracal


There is a nature that exists in reality and that nature that we imagine in our imagination, based on our memories from the information we have ever received. The first is wild, severe, far from us, which we have never seen. But it continues to exist in our minds in the form of drawings, stories, films and photographs as a reality. All these are fragments of metaphors, imbued with nostalgia and sentimentality, which our memory stores. The further we go from nature, the more we produce, reproduce and distribute its images, although we do not approach to nature a single step. All these images do not replace nature, but only simulate its presence. The mystery of nature is revealed only by physical contact with it, to touch means to understand. The mastery of nature is not its destruction. It allows you to study near what will otherwise remain an abstraction. Only by touching an animal or plant, they find themselves in the sphere of a person’s feelings and become a part of his life. And only then a person is ready to do something for the sake of nature. The space not covered by urbanization divides the demarcation lines, and the entrance is not allowed there. Conservation reserves transfer one into another. What formerly seemed self-evident and contributed to the awakening of interest in nature today is an offense, we have ceased to consider and even more touch the wild nature, it no longer belongs to us. We are quite satisfied with the fact that we remember it.