Alternative environment


polyethylene film, permanent marker, sun protection film, 50*1,2 m


Historically, trade function was an inseparable part of any town, merchants’ quarters were becoming a town-forming element. The history of shopping centers dates back to the end of the 18th century, when the first covered shopping arcade appeared in Palais-Royalle park in France. Later the idea of combining a shopping street and an atrium encouraged the creation of town shopping centers. This synthesis contributed to environmental change citizens. The city has experienced a transition from dominance unattractive, inhospitable psevdopublichnyh spaces to dominate psevdopublichnyh spaces – the consumer. First spontaneous, then more and more organized and growing in size, they have become the main alternative to the private space of the apartment or private offices. Nowadays visiting a shopping center becomes not just a visit to a shop in order to buy certain things, but also a kind of a lifestyle, a sort of leisure activity individuals. Besides, the design and comfort of trade spaces often excels the quality of the housing space for many of the town-dwellers. A shopping center is as important in our life as home and work are. The modern organization of a shopping center is created like any urban area. Human consciousness stops perceiving the differences between people, mannequins, shop windows, real town streets, artificial and natural plants, turning the space into a one-dimensional world of consumption.